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Retro Fitted Couch Cushion Cover

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Product features:
Sofa cover product category
Combination suit
Color: Prague, fashion grey, fashion coffee, black feather, blue deer, streamer, Wizard of Oz, macaroni powder, mocha, Rubik's cube, European and American style, flannel different life, flannel red heart, flannel crown, flax grey, flax blue, flax coffee, dedicated, impression black, impression light grey, leisurely time
Size: [regular version] s length 50-70cm, [regular version] m length 100-125cm, [regular version] l length 150-190cm, [regular version] XL length 230-280cm, [upgraded version] s length 65-95cm, [upgraded version] m length 95-135cm, [upgraded version] l length 135-165cm, [upgraded version] XL length 165-200cm, Princess XXL length 160-190, pillow cover 45 * 45cm, back cover 30-50cm * length 60-90 * height 5-20cm
Space: living room, bedroom, study, outdoor, dining room, bathroom, balcony, children's room, business place

Logistics list: 

sofa cover * 1

Single person(wide50-70cm*long50* 70cm*high5 -20cm)

Double(wide50-70cm*long100-125cm*high5 -20cm)

Three people(wide50-70cm*long150- 190cm*high5- 20cm)

Four(wide50-70cm*long230-280cm*high5- 20cm)

Increase single(wide65-95cm*long65- 95cm*high5- 20cm)

Increase double(wide65-95cm*long95-135cm* high5- 20cm)

Three more(wide65-95cm*long135-165cm*high5- -20cm)

Four more(wide65-95cm*long 160-190cm*high5- -20cm)

Increase the number of concubines(wide90-110cm*long165-200cm*high5-20cm)

Backrest cover(wide30-50cm*long60-90cm*high5- -20cm)

Pillow cover(wide40-50cm*long40-50cm*high5- 20cm)

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