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Hand Towel Rope Ring

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We all have towels in our houses but are we keeping them in the right place. If not, then this hand towel rope ring is for you. With this bath hardware accessory, you can create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in your bathroom or kitchen. It will help you keep your bathrooms/kitchen clutter-free and towels within easy reach.



Its country-style design is appropriate for any bathroom decor as it is simple yet so stylish.

It is sturdy and long-lasting. The rope towel rack is built to withstand the weight of any dry or wet towel.


For a tidy and retro look

Cleaning and Safety are suitable for hand towels, cleaning towels, and facial towels. It is convenient and useful next to the sink, good for drying hands, and keeps the room clean without getting wet. By using this towel rack, you can keep your walls and counters tidy while also giving them a retro look.

One of the fascinating things about this towel ring is that the rope is flexible and will change shape depending on the towel's weight. Unlike other towel racks, its robust foundation will not loosen, ensuring that the towel ring is well supported and does not squeak. The material is rope and cast iron, with a long lifespan.


Instead of taking up too much space, the towel ring offers adequate space for wet towels to dry rapidly and is ideal for moist spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.


Other details

Material: cast iron

Type: towel rings

Surface finishing: electroplating

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- 75 Day Return policy

Customer Reviews

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Idella Greenfelder

Inexpensive and very worth buying.

Abdul Lueilwitz

Hand Towel Rope Ring

Mikayla Sporer

Hand Towel Rope Ring

Theodore Klocko

Hand Towel Rope Ring

Jarret Grady


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