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Trendy Knot Pillow

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Pillow cushions are the beauty of chairs and couches. You not only need them, but they also give a presentable, elegant outlook to your room. We all have sofas and chairs in our homes, but are we using the right cushions that are comfortable and relaxed and look good on your couch? If not, then it's time to change them and make your room elegant with new style cushions.

Trendy Style

The knot pillow cushion is a trendy and stylish cushion that can change the entire look of your room. The knot design is unique and graceful, so your couch can look different.


It is made of fine crystal velvet fiber. The fiber is of high quality. The velvet knot fiber is filled with soft cotton. It's smooth and elastic and feels great! 


It can either be hand-washed or machine-washed in its entirety. Use the gentle mode of the laundry bag to wash in cold water. Please refrain from washing the cushion frequently.


It can be used as a knot pillow, sofa cushion, or a soft hand pillow and is ideal for usage at home, in the office, at school, in the car, or in a bay window.


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