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Portable Retractable Stool Chairs

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Are you fed up with traveling with a traditional chair? Do you often cherish bringing an easy-to-carry chair while fishing? Have you been standing and tired of walking around? Do not worry; Calyqo has got your back. Just like our other handy products, we bring you Portable Retractable Stool Chair. It is easy to use, and you can almost do everything with this you can think of. Let’s discuss what it offers:


Portable & Lightweight

Just like other portable things, you can carry them wherever you want. Whether you are going out for a picnic, fishing, or to a nearby town for traveling, you just need to compress the stool and put it in the trunk. You can also carry it on a hiking trail. With a simple extension of the stool, you can relax and give some relief to your feet. Sit on the chair a few minutes, and you are good to go.


Suitable For All Kinds of People

Our Portable Retractable Stool Chair is lightweight, and even a kid can easily carry it. It is suitable for people of all ages. Whether it is a pregnant woman, an old person, or a kid, you never need to put extra effort to pick it up. All of its parts are tested by experts, and your child can easily play with them.


High-Performance Material

It is easy to find such products in the market, but workload capacity explains the quality. Our stools can bear up to 573 pounds of weight across all dimensions by dint of high-performing quality material. Our patented structural design enables the stool to withstand high pressure and weight.


Sleek Design

When compressed, it almost looks like a frisbee. The design is simple yet smooth and elegant. Perfect curves will give you a quality feel, and they can fit into any place. Firm locking is another piece of evidence that proves our unique and careful structural design.


Heavy Duty & Ecofriendly

Nylon PA6 bestows high-performing capacity to your stool. You can easily put 573 lbs/260kg on it without noticing any wear down. Our durable telescopic stool has 110 connecting clasps and a nonslip bottom. So, you can rely on it and use it safely.


Smooth Opening & Closing

The locking clasps system provides easy opening and closing. The stool automatically locks when opened. Even a child can easily open and close it within seconds.


3 Adjustable Heights

The stool allows you to adjust its height as it comes with three adjustable heights. You can easily make the adjustments according to your comfort zone. Whether it is a kid or a grown-up adult, you can elevate it accordingly. Moreover, you can lay down and use it to mend your car’s engine. It is a multi-purpose, high functional, durable, and safe tool that you must have at your home.


Stylish Backpack

When compressed, it transforms into a stylish backpack. You can even carry it to a mall or go shopping with it. Appealing build quality, sleek design, and curves will stand you out in public.

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